Strict criteria for familiarisation for all services

Since I began my business in 2000 I have always had a strict familiarisation process.

My in depth knowledge of behaviour and my passion for the welfare of all dogs in my care , ensures that we get to know your dog and you us; well before you leave your dog in our capable hands.

Theses visits will take time, I do not charge for these. It is essential that you put time aside :

First meeting (for all services) : 

You and your dog(s) will be invited to Bark House to have a look around. We will then go out for a walk so you can experience for yourself the walks and surroundings.

We will walk out with the dogs in our care on that day, so you can see how relaxed they are and how they enjoy their stay, this will also give your dog added confidence.

It is essential that I assess all of your dog's behaviour and reaction to the surroundings.

If for any reason they display anxiety or are reactive in any way, we can work on the causes and alleviate them (this is very rare , but your dogs welfare is paramount ).

Note: a single "meet and greet" will not suffice.

Follow up meetings :

I insist on several more walks with us before we will register your dog with us. Again no charge for this, we want you and your dog to be completely happy, familiar and at ease with us before you leave them in our charge.

Trial day:

Day Care:

You may choose to leave your dog for a half day  or full day to begin with to ensure a smooth transition into their new routine. They will be assessed and when you come to collect, you will see their reaction so we can make an informed decision to proceed together.

Trial overnight stay:

Home Boarding:

You will be invited to bring your dog for a trial day and overnight stay (24hr).

All dogs boarding with us MUST ADHERE TO THIS

This will be charged at normal rate.

The reason for this is to give your dog a taste of being in our care , learning the routine and feeling safe and confident in their surroundings. It will also reassure them that they will be collected by you after their stay and they have not been abandoned. It gives us chance to get to know them better and to  give a true and accurate report to you, on their reaction and behaviour.

Join up walks:

You will be welcome to join us on walks, this gives you a chance to get to know us better and for your dog to meet with lots of new dogs, giving confidence and having fun socialising.


It is essential all vices, fears and anxieties are disclosed to us on our first meeting.

As a specialist in this field, I can help . The safety of all dogs and staff in my care is paramount.